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The future is going to start charging me rent. I’ve been sneaking in from time to time and realized that I might actually qualify as a squatter. I’m so focused on the what lifestyle I would like to have and what my dream career someday. I keep telling myself that I’m just poking around to window shop what’s and making sure that I’m on track to live that life… someday.

Patience is NOT one of my strong virtues. In reality, I’ve been “trying on” the future a bit too often and have started getting discouraged.So, I decided that instead of a recipe or review (of which I have an appalling amount that need to be posted!, I decided that a little daily inspiration was in order. I found the image below on Pintrest and decided to meditate on this quote:

Today's Reminder
Today’s Reminder





                   “Every thought we think is creating our future. ~ Louise Hay”







Are you seeing the opportunity of what lies ahead and how to create that? Or are you focused on the limitations that may or may not present themselves and deciding before you even face them that they can’t be overcome. This really made me stop for a moment. The mindset with which I was window shopping my future was not inspiring me to achieve it. My focus was on all the reasons why I can’t or won’t achieve my goals. As much as I desire it, I was setting myself up for failure without even giving it a fighting chance.

Your life is being written day by day, moment by moment, are you the author or is someone else holding the pen? ~ Author Unknown

Each day you have a free will and a choice with every situation and thought that arises. Each positive response or action gets you one step closer to where and who you want to be. It’s like putting a penny in your piggy bank.  You can’t always change what happens to you but you can change how you react to it.

Steps for Positive Thinking to Achieve your Goals

Do you have a goal you’re striving for?

Without the clarity of what your goal is, it’s nearly impossible to work towards achieving it!

How are you Window shopping your goals?
                What is your mindset for achieving that goal? Are you looking at the possibility or the limitations?

Are you feeding your piggy bank?
                Are you taking each moment and though, and investing it in becoming or achieving what you desire?


                                            We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. ~ Buddha

So, today I’m deciding to see the opportunity of my goals and dreams. I’m taking each thought and making sure I’m investing in my future. Thanks for the reminder Buddha…you’re a pretty smart guy!

What are some of your goals? Are you investing in achieving them?







I love Purpose Fairy’s 5 Easy Steps to Turn Your Life Into an Abundant Garden. That’s where I got the Lousie Hay quote above.

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