The 6 Marks of Maturity

This excerpt was passed along to me by my sweet mum and have some great wisdom! How often do you do any of the below? How can you in the next week choose to apply even one of these thoughts into action in your life? Have you faced any situations where you wished you would have responded in a more positive or constructive way? There are quite a few situations where I can think of in the past few weeks where, hindsight being 20/20, wish I would have responded in a more constructive and mature fashion.

The best part of life, is that you will have another chance and you hold the ability and opportunity to respond in a different way. Think now about how you wish you would respond to situations, prepare yourself and in the moment be the change you wish to see!!


“…what it means to be whole, balanced, sane, and able to cope with life.

The FIRST mark of maturity is the ability to deal constructively with reality, to face facts, to resist covering, or calling reality something else, to deal with is at it is.

The SECOND mark is the ability to adapt quickly to change. We all experience change, whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, relational, or vocational. Immature people resist change; it makes them nervous. But the mark of maturity is to adapt to change because change is inevitable.

The THIRD mark is freedom from the symptoms of tension and anxiety. The worried look, the frown, the ulcers, the palpitations of the heart- all come from anxiety and worry and lack of trust.

FOURTH, maturity is being more satisfied with giving that receiving. When you find greater joy in the thoughtful planning of gifts and surprises for others, anticipating their happiness rather then your own, it is a sign you are growing up. You are discovering the true values of life.

The FIFTH mark is the ability to relate to others with consistency, helpfulness, and mutual satisfaction. Maturity is learning to get along with other people, to be a help not a hindrance, to contribute to the solution and not always be a part of the problem.

Finally, maturity is the ability to sublimate and redirect anger toward constructive ends. Maturity is the ability to use the adrenaline created by anger in a positive way, rather than loose your temper and add to the problem.

Excerpt from “Waiting for the Second Coming: Studies in Thessalonians” by Ray C. Stedman

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