Reynolds Wrap Non-stick aluminum foil

We make broiled veggies 3-5 times a week and no matter how much olive oil I lather on the veggies or Misto spray on foil, the eggplant ALWAYS sticks! It drives me nuts and has caused a few choice words to escape on various occasions! So, last week we picked up a roll of the alleged “non-stick” foil to try. Reynolds Wrap boasts that they have a non-stick foil…I’ll be the judge of that!

I was skeptical as I pulled it out of the drawer while mentally recounting the countless fights with the baking sheet and foil as it they tried to hold onto my precious eggplant with their sticky powers. I figured that I’d throw the big guns and go “initiation style” on the foil. With the tiny space that we have, every utensil, pot, pan and gadget must earn its spot! So, I led with the closer and tore a sheet of the allegedly non-stick foil, laid it down on the baking sheet, and gingerly positioned my little eggplant slices on the tray while mentally apologizing to them if in fact the foil failed and they too became victims of yet another foil accosting. They make it easy to know which side of the foil is non-stick by making the opposite side shiny. Didn’t win me over completely, I’m not that easily wooed, yet, but I thought it was a nice feature.

Oven pre-heated…timer set…in…they…go. I anxiously awaited the 15 minute timer’s count down, tried to sidetrack myself with a tweet which, of course, was about the non-stick challenge currently happening in the kitchen!
Then… BEEP….BEEP… DONE!!! I leaped up too… okay let’s be honest here, I was already standing in the kitchen watching the timer count down. I dramatically opened the door, pulled out the tray, and shook the baking sheet. Much to my delight, the eggplant responded and moved around on the sheet as if gliding with ice-skates over a frozen pond! Success, delight, joy! I’m a believer! Foil CAN be non-stick! Ring the bells, sound the horns!

That foil worked wonders and I actually liked that it wasn’t quite flawless, as you can see in the photo the end cut of the eggplant stuck to the sheet a bit. This is now a STAPLE of my modest little kitchen!

And on a completely non-related side note… have you ever tried to spell “utensil” and gotten it right the first time!? I’ll shamelessly admit that it took me a few tries… what a strange word!

Reynolds Wrap Non-stick aluminum foil  (also available through My Store)

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